The following businesses have contributed to the park. Please help support them, as they have supported us. (Listed in no particular order)

  • Klosterman Family– Donated Playground, Ground Material, Trash Cans
  • One Stop Signs– Donated lettering for the gator
  • Symmes Township– Donated crushed blacktop
  • Goshen BP– Donated hot dogs, ice, pop, money
  • Kroger’s– Donated hot dogs, pop
  • Rapid Plumbing– Donated all their time and material to re-plum the house
  • Rock’it– Donated prep work and materials to lay down brick
  • Goshen Township- Donated flagpole
  • Eads Fencing– Donated fence railing
  • Bruce Goodwin Farms– Grass seed, fertilizer, excavation
  • Evans Funeral Home– Gator
  • Ole Ray’s Sauce– Gator
  • Lebanon Citizens Bank– Gator
  • J. Daniel and Co.– Generous sponsor of various events
  • Spartek Tree Service– Donated equipment and labor to remove dead trees; generous sponsor of various activities